Unfortunately, among the dog food offers are also numerous varieties containing synthetic or chemical additives. That’s why many of us are playing with the idea of whether it wouldn’t be healthier if we didn’t feed our lifelong loyal friends.

Especially with these feeding methods and my consultations with experts, the keyword hemp oil always fell. The plant hemp, which has been controversial for decades, even centuries…

So what is right about this and what is wrong? What is understatement and what is exaggerated?

It was time for me to enrich my knowledge of hemp oil and interpret it with facts before I decide to feed my dog with it.

That is why I have worked intensively on this subject. What tips and information I found, I will tell you now.

In this article you will learn:

The Hemp Plant
CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs
What are the side effects?
My Conclusion & Recommendation

A Hemp Plant

A Hemp Plant

Hemp has been known to humans for centuries. Many people have grown hemp to make fabric for clothing and laundry from their fibers.

Hemp fibers are still used in the construction industry. They are used for the production of insulation and building materials. The plant is also a good alternative for the production of paper.

However, their intoxicating effect was and is another reason to grow them. As a result, the hemp plant has become increasingly discredited. As a result, cultivation is now largely prohibited or only possible under strict conditions.

The excellent effect of their oil, on the other hand, was discovered much later. In addition to the numerous benefits for humans, hemp oil also offers benefits to the dog. Dogs can stay more vital and healthier if they regularly get hemp oil. The hemp oil itself has no hazardous or intoxicating components.

How is hemp oil produced?

Hemp oil is a cooking oil and is very often used as a dietary supplement. It is obtained from the seeds of the commercial hemp (Cannabis sativa).

The substances of the essential oil, which are responsible for the intoxicating effect, are located in the leaves of the plant. Therefore, the cooking oil of the crop should not be confused with the essential hemp oil.

The seeds are harvested only in a ripe state. They must then be thoroughly cleaned. For this purpose, they pass through several water baths. After cleaning, the hemp seeds are dried. This process takes several days. Only then can they be further processed.

The dried seeds are processed into oil by pressing. Ideally, the oil is produced using the cold pressing process. This is the guarantee that the valuable ingredients are preserved as much as possible. Cold-pressed hemp oil you recognize by the green-yellowish color.

Ingredients of hemp oil

The hemp oil contains fatty acids, which are present in high proportions. The proportion is over 80% of unsaturated fatty acids. This high proportion alone makes hemp oil so valuable not only for dogs as a dietary supplement.

The main part goes to the omega-6 fatty acids. They are important for many functions of the body.

However, the organism cannot form them itself and therefore they must be taken up as a dietary supplement.

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the healing active ingredient of female hemp. Medically, it has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and anti-vomiting or nausea. It is also recommended for headaches or epilepsy.

Effect of hemp oil on my dog?

The intake of hemp oil has positive effects on your dog’s health:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Dense and shiny fur
  • Stop eczema and inflammation
  • Allergic reactions are reduced

If you should feed your dog with the Barf method, it is recommended if you use hemp oil as an addition. Thus, your dog is supplied with important fatty acids.

Hemp Oil for Dogs - The Correct Dosage

The Correct Dosage

Recommended dosage of hemp oil for dogs

You should be careful when dosing. The daily requirement for hemp oil must be calculated on the basis of the weight.

Just at the beginning of the dose you should start with a drop and adjust the dosage week by week until the required amount is reached.

As a rule, weekly administration is sufficient. It should be as follows:

Small dogs:
2.5ml – 5.0ml

Medium-sized dogs:
5.0ml – 10.0ml

Big dogs:
10.0 ml – 15.0ml

At dosage: 1 teaspoon equals about 5ml of hemp oil

This information should be observed more as a directive and does not constitute veterinary advice.

What are the side effects?

Hemp oil is a natural product and is produced for dogs using a gentle cold-pressing process. These two factors ensure that no side effects are known so far.

However, dosing plays an important role. At a high dosage, the dog may vomit, get diarrhea or the digestive system become unstable.

Therefore, you should start with a few drops to increase the ration over time to the necessary amount.

Is hemp oil also suitable for older dogs?

In many cases, seniors are more likely to be demarcated. But in terms of hemp oil, they can benefit from the effect just as much as younger ones.

As a result, they remain vital into old age, and some age-related problems can not only be mitigated, but perhaps also avoided.

Healthy fur with hemp oil

Due to the weekly addition of hemp oil to the food, you will soon notice that your dog’s fur becomes softer and silkier. Over time, your dog’s fur also becomes healthier and denser.

Hemp oil for external use

Hemp oil can also be used in dogs for external use such as skin problems. Especially in dry or inflamed areas of the skin, hemp oil is suitable for rubbing. For the treatment, simply drizzle a few drops of hemp oil onto the affected area and massage in lightly with your finger. After only a few days, the healing effect will be seen.

My conclusion & recommendation

Today, hemp oils are offered almost everywhere. However, you need to pay close attention to the ingredients. Many products are enriched only with hemp oil and otherwise contain many chemical ingredients.

When buying, you should make sure that it is a natural product that has not only been cold-pressed, but is also 100% pure. Chemical additives and pesticides should not be present.

I personally can recommend the hemp oil for dogs from Dr Backhaus. It is a trusting brand and the oil is cold pressed. So just the right thing for your dog.