Hemp Oil for Cats: The most important questions about the use of CBD oil

For a long time, cannabis was considered a hippie herb or a so-called entry-level drug. However, the old crop has been making a comeback for several years now, especially in the medical field. Hemp oil for cats and can be administered in the form of CBD drops and promises good success in the treatment of numerous symptoms.

An overview

Hemp oil for cats

Hemp oil for cats: And what does science say?

Oil for cats was previously known only in the form of fish oil or linseed oil. It helps, for example, well with coat change in winter. However, long-term studies on the use of CBD-containing oil in pets have so far been searched in vain. On the Internet, there are numerous testimonials from pet owners, which are extremely promising. Because it causes almost no side effects and because the oil is generally well tolerated, it is now freely available for sale and even available on Amazon over-the-counter.

By the way, the cannabis ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) is not to be confused with the intoxicated substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The extracted CBD has the property of not triggering noisy states and is freely available for this very reason.

So who asks “Can cats be stoned?” this is to be answered with a clear YES. Unlike us humans, they experience the following high but as a pure horror trip, because their body can only degrade the active ingredient very slowly. A treatment with home-grown or purchased cannabis is therefore strongly discouraged!

Many cat owners wonder whether treatment with CBD-containing oil would also be suitable for their pet. In the following we want to answer the most important questions about cannabis for cats.

How does CBD oil work in the brains of cats?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a barely psychoactive cannabinoid from the female hemp. It has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and anti-nausea effect. In the brains of mammals, it attaches to the receptors CB1 and CB2. These receptors are naturally present in the brain, even in cats.

What diseases does oil help with?

CBD-containing oil mainly helps to relieve chronic pain. However, it can also be a good support for general treatment for other symptoms.

These include:

  • Anxiety and panic
  • Appetite
  • Inflammation
  • Ataxia
  • Epilepsy

As a rule, the CBD-containing oil is chosen as a complementary treatment method. The sole treatment of a pet disease with the oil seems (still) to be the exception.

Cannabis for cats: Can it be addictive?

CBD-containing oil has no intoxicating effect, is not addictive and can therefore also be used in pets. Caution should be exercised in the case of preparations which do not clearly distinguish this active substance. For example, if hemp oil is simply on the packaging, it is not 100% safe to use and should therefore be avoided.

Although CBD-containing oil is relatively safe, it is important to follow the instructions for use in the package leaflet!

Does CBD-containing oil need to be prescribed by the veterinarian?

no. The oil has recently been available in Germany without a prescription and can be ordered online, for example. A cat that suffers from chronic pain, for example, or who might have a serious illness, should in any case be brought before the veterinarian! Also, the intake should be discussed with the doctor.

My veterinarian basically rejects cannabis oil. What shall I do?

Unfortunately, there are still people among doctors and veterinarians who are extremely critical of cannabis as a medicine. Often these physicians are not particularly well informed about the manifold and absolutely safe uses that this natural remedy offers in modern medicine.

Often, animal homeopaths are more open-minded and also have a more in-depth knowledge of CBD oil and co. Many veterinarians are also homeopathic trained. Anyone who finds one should include it in the therapy

Why is CBD oil available specifically for pets?

Recently, over-the-counter, CBD-containing oil has been produced for human use. It usually contains a CBD dosage of up to 10%. However, because dogs and cats are significantly smaller than humans, a lower dosage of about 2-3% is recommended for them.

Conclusion: Medical cannabis products also promise good results in cats. They help with loss of appetite, relieve pain and help to rid you of anxiety. Although cannabis has been approved as a medicine since spring 2017, many doctors are still critical of its use. The reason is that cannabis is abused as a drug due to the THC contained.

However, medical CBD-containing oil does not contain any THC! Pet owners can help educate doctors about the positive benefits of cannabis. For example, the international working group Cannabis as medicine offers reliable information for interested parties.

In order to avoid overdose in principle, only those preparations that have been specially prepared for pets should be used in cats.

Hemp oil dosage for cats

How much CBD do I give my cat?

Hemp Oil for Cats - The Correct Dosage

Many sources are discussing how CBD should be dosed correctly. In particular, however, the cannabidiol dosage for cats is rarely an issue. As a caring pet owner, you are naturally interested in administering the right amount of CBD to your pet, so enough to achieve the desired result, but not necessarily any more.

If you want to tackle the dosage of CBD in cats correctly, you should start with small amounts of CBD. This is partly due to the fact that cats naturally have significantly less body weight compared to humans. On the other hand, it also makes general sense to grope at the right dose from below instead of from above. In addition, every human being and also every animal reacts to substances in some cases differently. So a 10% CBD oil is a better start than a 24% CBD oil!

Another factor that should be considered is the purpose of application

If CBD is to be used as a dietary supplement for cats, for example, for general calming, very small amounts of the active ingredient are sufficient. However, in the case of more acute ailments or diseases we epilepsy can be started with a comparatively larger amount of cannabidiols.

Those who use CBD in their cat and know their animal well will be able to assess quite quickly when and how strongly the active ingredient strikes. If you feel that the CBD dosage is not yet sufficient, you can slowly increase it. The increase does not have to be particularly large, because even small quantities can make a difference.

The full development of the effect may take a few days depending on the product and animal. So you should always give the whole thing some time before you decide to increase the CBD dosage for your cat.

But if you make a mistake in the dosage, you have to reassure you: CBD has no known side effects and a CBD overdose in cats in the conventional sense is not possible. In the worst case, the animal can vomit, but it takes such high amounts of CBD that this can be virtually ruled out.

Either way, it is advisable to keep consultation with the veterinarian before and during the use of CBD. This can not only provide advice, but also help to interpret signals from the animal and monitor the effect of CBD. If you stick to all this, you will surely quickly find the right CBD dosage for your cat.