What are the benefits of hemp dog treats?

Hemp oil has immense health benefits for humans. Additionally, this oil also provides health benefits for dogs as well. It helps your dog

  • Fight anxiety,
  • Maintain emotional balance and
  • Promote immunity.

You can promote the health of your pet by feeding them this oil in the form of hemp dog treats or adding it in their water or food.

What is hemp oil?

The oil acquired by pressing hemp seeds is known as hemp oil. This oil has a nutty flavour and is of dark to clear light green. Besides, refined hemp oil is colourless and holds a minimal flavour.

How is hemp oil manufactured and extracted?

The quality and therapeutic value of hemp oil depend on the method of manufacture and extraction. Hemp oil is produced by cold pressing hemp seeds together, which creates a liquid that is rich in nutrients.

Various extraction methods can be used such as ethanol extraction, CO2 extraction and lipid infusion. The latter (lipid infusion) is known to be the most gentle method for extraction and involves the usage of coconut oil or MCT oil fats which absorbs the compound of the plant (hemp) in them.

How is hemp oil beneficial for pet dogs?

  1. It is a natural anxiety reliever for dogs

Dogs are known to suffer from anxiety due to separation or noise. Hemp dog treat soothes your pet’s anxiety level without intoxicating them.

  1. It does not contain psychoactive

Despite being manufactured from cannabis, hemp oil lacks psychoactive. It ensures that the hemp dog treats will not get your dog intoxicated but will help them relax and be stress-free.

  1. It can treat epilepsy or seizures

As per research, dogs are prone to suffer from seizures and epilepsy. At such times drugs like potassium bromide and phenobarbital are provided for the treatment. Such drugs help to control seizures but also have immense side effects and are harmful to the liver and other organs of your dog. Hemp oil has the property to control seizures and epilepsy and being a natural ingredient does not have any harmful effects.

  1. Fights cancer

Hemp oil holds anti-cancer properties which prevent the growth of cancer cells. Additionally, it also enhances the impact of the treatment done.

  1. Increases appetite

Dogs are seen to feel nauseous and have a lesser appetite. By feeding them hemp dog treats, you can help them fight nausea and also increase their appetite, making them have the right quantity of food.

  1. Keeps heart safe

Hemp oil is also known to keep the blood pressure regular and enhance the condition of the heart. As it helps relieve anxiety, it maintains the required health of the heart keeping your dog healthy.

Other benefits

Furthermore, hemp dog treats also helps in reducing inflammation, fights bowel diseases, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and holds other health benefits. However, considering that it may or may not have side-effects on your four-pawed friend, it is ideally advisable that you consult with your veterinarian before providing them with hemp oil substitutes. It ensures that your dog receives the right dosage, at the right time and hence you can make the most out of the oil offered.