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Hemp oil for dogs

hemp oil for dogs

Hemp oil for pets

hemp oil for pets

Hemp oil for cats

hemp oil for cats

Hemp dog treats

hemp dog treats

Organic Hemp Seed Oil Infused with Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD)

Veterinarian recommended for: health, joints, inflammation, allergies, pain and some types of epilepsy.

Hemp oil for dogs may help ease your dog’s….

  • not eating
  • separation anxiety
  • unable to settle or relax
  • car trips to the groomers or vet
  • too much barking
  • no energy or lack of spirit
  • pain from arthritis or cancer
  • seizures or muscle spasms
  • aggressiveness towards other animals
  • recuperating from surgery or illness
  • sickness from car journeys
  • nervous of thunderstorms or lightning
  • general loud noises

Hemp oil for cats may help ease your cat’s….

  • 2 or more cat households
  • eating improper objects
  • bad appetite
  • fear of the litter tray
  • continually hiding
  • crying for no real reason
  • upset from a change in the surroundings
  • aggressiveness towards other animals
  • car trips to the vet or just riding in the car

Hemp Oil for Dogs

hemp oil for dogs

For centuries, people have been growing hemp in their fields in order to obtain high-quality fibers for the production of laundry and clothing. Hemp oil for dogs is also one of the uses of which hardly any white. The excellent effect of the oil for various healing purposes was discovered at an early stage. But over time, cannabis sativa, as botanists call the herbaceous plant, has become increasingly discredited.

Hemp fibers were increasingly replaced by synthetic fibers in the 20th century. But the real problem is the cannabinoids, which are extracted from the leaves of the hemp plant and consumed as a drug.

Dog owners who want to use hemp oil for their dog, however, need not worry about the intoxicating effect.

The hemp oil, the value of which has now fortunately been rediscovered, is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plants. These do not contain any hazardous components.

How is high-quality hemp oil made for the dog?

Hemp oils used as a dietary supplement are always oil extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant.

The green leaves also contain essential oils, which however cause the intoxicating effect. Because of the harmful effect, hemp cultivation is strictly regulated. However, the quantities produced in Germany are small, as the industrial exploitation of hemp fibres is difficult. Most hemp fibres are used for the production of construction and insulation materials.

To produce hemp oil, the seeds are harvested, cleaned and dried ripe. The oil is then extracted by pressing. In order to preserve the valuable ingredients to a large extent, the oil must be cold pressed. Cold-pressed, high-quality oil can be recognized by its green-yellowish color.

Valuable ingredients support vital bodily functions

Hemp oil for the dog, which is obtained by pressing from the seed, is a fatty oil. It contains a high proportion of fatty acids. The proportion of unsaturated fatty acids is 80%. This high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids makes hemp oil as a dietary supplement so valuable.

This is especially true for omega-6 fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids are vital for many important bodily functions, but cannot be formed in the organism, but must be absorbed with food.

Hemp oil for the dog has a positive effect on the health of your four-legged friend:

  • The immune system is strengthened
  • Inflammation and eczema are stopped
  • Fur becomes denser and shinier
  • Reduction of allergic reactions

Dosage of hemp oil

Hemp oil for the dog is dosed very sparingly. The optimal amount should be measured according to the weight of the dog. It is recommended to start with a drop and then gradually increase the dose to the mentioned values.
A weekly administration is usually sufficient.

The following information can be used as a guideline:

Small dogs: 2.5 – 5 ml hemp oil
Medium dogs: 5 – 10 ml hemp oil
Large dogs: 10 – 15 ml hemp oil

1 teaspoon equals about 5 ml of hemp oil.

Contraindications for the administration of hemp oil

Unwanted side effects after administration of hemp oil are not known. In small dogs and quadrupeds with a sensitive digestive system, you should start with a few drops as a dietary supplement. Gradually increase the amount to the above limit. If your dog reacts with diarrhea, the dose is too high.

Older dogs also usually postpone the natural oil without any problems and many benefit significantly from hemp oil. They remain more vital and some age problems can be avoided or mitigated.

External application of hemp oil

If you mix some hemp oil into your dog’s food every week, you will soon be happy to see how beautiful and healthy your dog’s fur looks. The harre shine and are silky soft. Overall, the fur looks denser and healthier.

If your dog has very dry skin and occasionally suffers from inflamed areas or other skin problems, you can also apply the hemp oil for the dog externally. Regularly add a few drops of oil to the affected areas and massage gently. The effect usually takes place after a short time.

As controversial as the hemp plant may be in public debate, it is a valuable gift from nature. As with many other things, it is only important that the recipient learns to handle this gift responsibly.

Dog owners who use hemp oil for the dog are convinced of the positive effect after a short time. Whether you add some oil to your four-legged darling weekly for food supplements or apply it externally for skin and fur care, you can’t make it easier for your dog to stay healthy and fit for a long time.